Can’t Get Enough of the City of Arts and Sciences

I can't seem to get enough of this City of Arts and Sciences at night. Everywhere I turned it's like, oOo, a new angle that I'd like to shoot. The reflections, the light and how it changes from sunset to night.


A Pleasant Surprise in Valencia

I got into Valencia last night after wrapping up some things in Barcelona and took the opportunity to capture night shots of the City of Arts and Sciences. Today I took a nice walk through the Garden of Turia to get to old town and then aimlessly wandered from there. I somehow made my way... Continue Reading →


It's mad cold today in Paris. Wunderground said this morning it was 3 degrees celsius, but feels like 0. Definitely did feel like zero or below because of the wind. Tonight it'll be below 0 for sure. BRRR!

Paris is The City of Lights

Enjoying the view from Trocadero in the 16eme after tonight's winter sunset (the Eiffel Tower is in the 7th eme). There's still some blue and pink in the sky. I like. It's mad cold here. I couldn't feel my fingers for a while even though I had gloves on. But I don't mind. Cold weather... Continue Reading →

Bonjour, Paris

Hello, Paris. It's been nearly 5 years since I've seen you! Two weeks ago I booked my one way ticket to Paris using British Airways miles and tonight I went wandering around town. I still can't believe I'm here. I have an apartment on the Seine in the 1st that has a great view of... Continue Reading →

Seattle Skyline from Queen Anne

Shot of Seattle's skyline from Kerry Park in Queen Anne neighborhood (located northwest of downtown) taken on a Friday afternoon just a couple days before Christmas. If you look at the top of the Space Needle, there's a Christmas Tree that lights up in the evening. The park on this high hill, the highest in... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong from Victoria’s Peak

View of Hong Kong's skyline from Victoria's Peak. One of my favorite places to view this bright and densely populated city. At 7pm you can catch the musical light show, although I think the better experience would be viewing from Tsim Sha Tsui Harbor. To see what it looks like from the harbor, click here.

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