Temple of Emerald Buddha in Bangkok

Taking in the view of the temples. Dark clouds are coming in quick and luckily I was able to enjoy the scenery for a bit before it started pouring down rain.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) is a popular tourist destination in Bangkok. It houses the Emerald Buddha, hence the name, and is also located nearby the Grand Palace. The details and size of the temples are great. Get there as early as possible if you can. The later you go, the more crowded it gets. I suggest bringing a versatile lens for this city, such as an 18-200 or 24-105 range. Wide angles will allow you to capture all the temples in a shot and a longer focal length to capture the details. Or two lenses, wide and telephoto, and swap when needed.

This image was taken at 16mm (26mm with my non-full frame camera body) right before the rain came (devastating floods came the following week). Since it was quite cloudy and grey, I took three exposures and HDR’d this scene.


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